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Understanding Your Choices: What’s Next for Your Retirement Savings? 01 Rollover to your new employer. explore this option 02 Rollover into an IRA. explore this option 03 Leave the money in the old plan. explore this option 04 Take the money and cash out. explore this option Need assistance navigating this process? We’re here to […]

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Welcome to Waypoint! We hope to inspire you to save! Ty G. Rogers Managing Partner – Waypoint Financial Advisors Participant Resources & Support: https://waypointfas.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/64ed104ce690a7aff51b3db4.mp4 How can we help you today? 401(k) Plan Materials New G. Loomis ITI Employee? Let us help you understand the financial benefits of participation in your employer-sponsored retirement plan. 401(k) Plan […]

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Welcome to the G. Loomis ITI 401(k) Savings Plan participant home page! Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better understanding of your financial future. Participating in the G. Loomis ITI 401(k) Savings Plan is a great way to save. Through this website – our goal is to educate you on the importance of […]

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Exclusive Benefits for G. Loomis ITI 401(k) Savings Plan Participants Elevate your financial journey with Waypoint Financial Advisors’ all-inclusive financial planning services, seamlessly integrated into your existing retirement benefits. Understanding your financial future begins here! Let’s get started today >> << back to HOME

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401(k) Plan Materials Register or login here Log in above to have access to your account information and retirement planning tools. You also can call the RetirementBenefits Line at 1-800-294-4015. For further assistance, schedule an appointment   Plan Features Guide Download Beneficiary Payout Request Form Download HEART Withdrawal Request Form Download Participant Distribution Notice Download […]