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We consider it a privilege to have been selected by Graiwer, Kaplan, Vernik & Evans, LLP to represent your 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan and Trust. Whether you’re just starting your employment journey or are a long-time participant, we at Waypoint share your company’s commitment to educating you about the importance of this valuable retirement benefit.

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Ty G. Rogers Managing Partner – Waypoint Financial Advisors

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New  Graiwer, Kaplan, Vernik & Evans, LLP Employee? Let us help you understand the financial benefits of participation in your employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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Allow us to help educate you toward an appropriate investment strategy based on your time horizon and risk tolerance.

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Have you left an employer, but your retirement assets remain? We’re here to help you understand your options.

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Understanding the long-term impact of your current deferral rate is the best way to determine what your future retirement might be. Let’s review together.

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Are you aware that comprehensive financial planning is included at no additional cost to you as a part of your  Graiwer, Kaplan, Vernik & Evans, LLP
benefits package? Through financial planning we’re here to help you create a personal roadmap towards a confident retirement.

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Are you considering the purchase of life insurance but not sure what options would be best for your family? Do you currently have an insurance policy that you feel might be too expensive? As with life in general – life insurance needs change over time.

Let’s review together.

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Do you have an IRA, old 401(k), or other investment accounts? Does your spouse contribute into a retirement savings account? Before making investment changes within the 401(k) plan, it’s important to understand how all your investment assets work together.

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A tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan can be used to pay for college or vocational school. With so many choices available – It’s important to understand what option works best for you.

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Besides understanding what age to begin drawing from Social Security other things to consider are the potential impact of taxation as well as spousal Social Security benefits. We’re here to support you and answer any questions that you might have.

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Understanding Medicare is crucial for your retirement planning journey. Learn how this essential healthcare program fits into your overall financial strategy as you prepare for the future.

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Understanding your personal finances has never been easier!

MyBlocks: Your complimentary tool for mastering your financial landscape at your own pace. Gain clarity and confidence in your finances with this exclusive service available to plan participants at no cost.

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